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2021 Technology Conference Peer Reviewers

Signup Deadline: 09-19-2021
Starts: 10-05-2021
Ends: 10-15-2021
Location: Online Opportunity


The 2021 Technology Conference & Expo is an inclusive opportunity for all current and future ASAE members in the association industry to engage in exceptional formal and informal learning experiences that help to advance career and professional development, individual productivity, and organizational effectiveness.

Peer Reviewers serve a key role to ensure that extraordinary learning opportunities are selected from the proposals submitted. Since the Technology Conference & Expo offers participants both broad and deep learning experiences, Peer Reviewers help to shape a dynamic and meaningful program. Your role, as a Peer Reviewer, is important in determining the most suitable content to meet the conference objectives. Through this process, you will read and rank session proposals both aligned with your area(s) of expertise and overall business acumen in coordination with other reviewers to support ASAE in developing an education and learning program that reflects the diversification of thought and meets the needs of our target audience.

Time commitment: Up to 5 hours, that includes:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the sections of the Call for Proposals.
  • Pre-read of all assigned proposals.
  • Anonymously rating each proposal based on stated criteria using the online rating form.
  • Providing open-ended constructive feedback as appropriate.
Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Professionals who have experience with technology in an association setting in the following fields: Marketing, Professional Development, Meeting and Expos, and Technology
  2. Professionals who have experience working in different functional areas/holding different staff roles within the association industry
  3. Professionals who are knowledgeable about creative and innovative approaches to technology to achieve business goals and are able to assess the feasibility of adopting new practices.

Selection Process and Timeline: This opportunity accepts all applicants. Applicants should expect the following:

  1. This opportunity will close when 50 applications are received or by 9/17/2021 whichever comes first. 
  2. Applicants should expect to receive a basic accepted letter upon submission of their application.
  3. Applicants should expect to receive further information about the work on or before 10/5/2021


Consultants - Technology
TS - Technology Section

Volunteers Needed:

50 (19 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience


Vivienne Oxford