ASAE ForesightWorks Advisory Group Members

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Signup Deadline: 12-06-2020
Starts: 01-01-2021
Ends: 12-31-2021
Location: Online Opportunity


The ASAE ForesightWorks Advisory Group is an ASAE Research Foundation working group. The advisory group supports the ASAE Research Foundation in creating the futures research, strategic initiatives, education, tools, and resources to develop the application of the discipline of foresight within the association community. ASAE ForesightWorks is one of the foundation’s signature research initiatives and features continuous environmental scanning, regularly updated action briefs explaining drivers of change, and other resources to simplify using foresight in critical association functions and decisions. Advisory group members contribute to recommendations of initiative directions, help identify how drivers of change may affect associations, and suggest specific practices and resources to enable association executives to practice foresight with their boards and staff. Members serve a one-year term, renewable for up to three years (or longer if ascending to an advisory group leadership role). ForesightWorks Advisory Group leaders (chair, vice chair, immediate past chair) and/or staff provide periodic updates to the ASAE Research Foundation Research Committee and other stakeholder groups such as committees and councils.

Council charge
The advisory group advises the ASAE ForesightWorks program by providing a range of experience and perspectives to inform the research direction and application of foresight in association management. The advisory group recommends strategic priorities for the program. Members contribute their professional expertise to help execute strategic initiatives and support development of useful tools and resources to make futures research actionable. The advisory group identifies critical needs, issues, trends, and other content that will help associations apply and assimilate foresight.

Advisory Group Vision
Associations will embrace foresight as a discipline and cultural element, using foresight research and practices to inform association management, anticipate member needs, and help lead important societal and global change.

Advisory Group Objectives
The ASAE ForesightWorks Advisory Group advises ASAE ForesightWorks in achieving these strategic objectives:

  • Analyze drivers of change and their implications for associations and their members.
  • Champion the practice of foresight through outreach and education within ASAE and throughout the association community.
  • Identify challenges in practicing foresight and amplify lessons learned and successes in defining and applying effective practice.
  • Establish foresight as an association management competency and board competency.

Advisory Group Member Responsibilities

The ASAE ForesightWorks Advisory Group is a highly engaged group working to sustain this significant foundation program. In their applications for advisory group membership, candidates are asked to affirm their commitment to fulfilling these responsibilities:


  • Participate in one full-day meeting held annually in Washington, DC. In 2021, this meeting is targeted for the month of June and is expected to be held virtually.
  • Participate in four to six 60-to-90-minute conference calls during the annual term.
  • Serve on at least one advisory group task force addressing a current strategic priority. This work will be conducted through conference calls, email exchanges, and various assignments.
  • Volunteer for one or more one-hour sessions analyzing new or existing drivers of change to identify implications and considerations for action by associations.
  • Stay informed about current ForesightWorks action briefs, resources, and activities.
  • Act as an ambassador for the goals and work of ASAE ForesightWorks in any appropriate forums.


Eligibility Requirements:                          

  • Experience in strategic leadership.
  • Keen interest in learning about and using foresight to guide associations.
  • Knowledge of association management and governance practices.
  • Interest in and ability to fulfill advisory group responsibilities described above.
  • Active engagement within ASAE and various constituent groups.


Consultants - Research/Surveys
Survey and Research
Survey and Research

Volunteers Needed:

3 (3 open slots)

Experience Required:

7 - 10 Years Industry Experience


Jennifer Nelson