CAE Study Guide Reviewers and Content Contributors

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Signup Deadline: 11-28-2022
Starts: 12-01-2022
Ends: 01-13-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


This opportunity requires a CAE.

ASAE’s CAE Study Guide is one resource—along with CAE Core Resources, courses, study groups, and other resources in association management—that students and facilitators use for CAE preparation.

ASAE is updating the current study guide. Volunteers are needed to work with the project manager to review and revise Section 3 of the study guide, which focuses on the specific knowledge domains, to achieve the following:

• Update the additional resources listed to supplement the CAE Core Resources.
• Suggest revisions to the study guide’s “key concepts” and “content review” components of one or more knowledge domains. (Study question writing is not a part of this task but will be addressed otherwise. If you are specifically interested in question writing, please contact the project manager at

This aspect of the CAE Study Guide update will be guided and edited by Keith Skillman, CAE, an external project manager working with ASAE. Volunteers will be provided with general direction for the work and a framework for the key concepts/content review content. The task is hands-on, requiring critical review of existing study guide content and written suggestions for content to be included in a domain’s key concepts/content review section. Volunteers will draw from provided CAE Core Resources in completing their work.

Time commitment: up to 10-15 hours

Volunteers will be recognized in the published CAE Study Guide.


0 – 5 years

Volunteers Needed:

12 (12 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Keith Skillman, CAE