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2023-2024 Component Relations and Volunteer Management Professionals Advisory Council

Signup Deadline: 05-01-2023
Starts: 07-01-2023
Ends: 08-31-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


The Component Relations & Volunteer Management Advisory Council is a group of volunteer association leaders who guide and recommend content for ASAE’s Component Relations and Volunteer Management Professionals Community related to chapter, affiliate, section and other component relations and management issues. 

 Vision: The Component Relations and Volunteer Management Professionals Advisory Council’s vision is to champion the component relations profession as an asset to the work of associations and to become a recognized asset to the professional development for the component relations professional community.  

2023-2024 Work of the Group

  • Identify pertinent topics and content leaders that resonate with association professionals that work in the components, membership, and volunteer management capacity.
  • Provide Associations Now article topics or submit articles that will serve the constituents in this community (components and volunteer management). 

  • Identify potential content leaders from outside or inside the council to present webinars on component relations and volunteer management related topics or improve the effectiveness of component and membership professionals.  

  • Develop and participate in Council's "Crunch and Munch", Book Club, and Coffee Chats monthly virtual discussions and outreach to its component relations and volunteer management community. 

  • Provide  support to ASAE by serving as a peer reviewer for conference proposal submissions and sitting on the Program Advisory Committee – which acts as an extension of selecting the proposals for ASAE conferences.  

  • Support a pilot program and ASAE presentation supporting ASAE’s A Holistic Approach to Association Volunteer Management research. 

  • Support ASAE’s initiatives with ad-hoc micro volunteer opportunities as and when needed. 

  • Facilitate conversation amongst council members to advance professional development and knowledge, in turn driving individual development and collected advancement within the profession.  

  • Collaborate with various ASAE council/committees to drive the council’s vision.  

 Eligibility Requirements: 

  • A minimum of three to five years of relevant component relations and/or volunteer management experience is required to participate on the Component Relations and Volunteer Management Advisory Council. 

  • The leadership of this council along with the ASAE support staff is looking for a candidate who is engaged with ASAE, demonstrates initiative, enthusiasm, sound business acumen and collaborative spirit in working with other volunteers.  

 Meeting Requirements: 

  •  A virtual orientation will be held for new volunteers in July. Attendance is required for new volunteers. Exact date to be determined. 
  • This group hosts monthly virtual meetings, the first meeting (kick-off meeting) will be held in July, 2023. The second in winter 2024. The format of this meeting will be determined if in-person or fully virtual. If held in-person, a virtual option will be available.  

  • Council members are asked to attend all monthly meetings unless their schedule prevents them from doing so.  

  • There will be an opportunity to meet in person on Saturday, August 5 as part of ASAE's Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA. 

  • Conference calls will take place to ensure the flow of projects and work demand 

 Applications: Applicants should answer the following questions in the open text area of the application: 

  1. Why are you interested in the work of this council? 

  1. What will be your contribution? 

 Selection Process: 

Not all applicants will be accepted for this council. The selection committee is comprised of the incoming volunteer chair, the incoming volunteer vice chair, the outgoing volunteer chair, and the ASAE staff liaison. The ASAE staff liaison plays a supporting role in this process. Final approval is given by the ASAE Board chair-elect.

Additional Information: 

  • New volunteers are required to attend the volunteer group’s virtual orientation in order to serve.   

  • Council members (or their organizations) pay their own travel expenses to attend meetings.  

Diversity of Voice - With support of ASAE staff, the selection committee utilizes the ASAE Board Diversity Policy and Volunteer Model to ensure the group is comprised of a variety of voices from the membership.  To support this effort, all ASAE members can log into their main ASAE account and update their information in ASAE Profile to ensure it is complete and up to date.  


  • ASAE does not reimburse Board, Committee, or Council members for travel. 

  • Members can only serve 1 (one) volunteer group (council or committee) at a time.


In principle and in practice, ASAE values and seeks diversity and inclusive practices within the association management industry.

Volunteers Needed:

6 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience


Wanda Little-Coffey, CAE