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2022-2023 CAE Item Writing Committee

Signup Deadline: 08-29-2022
Starts: 09-01-2022
Ends: 08-31-2023
Location: Online Opportunity



The CAE Item-Writing Committee is responsible for drafting proposed CAE items on an ongoing basis and coding each item to an appropriate reference. The Item Writing Committee is composed of 12 – 25 subject matter experts and is led by a chair that serves a one-year term. Each committee member is appointed for a one-year term and may be re-appointed.

Meeting Requirements:
The committee typically meets in-person three times a year. (The meetings will likely be held in a virtual/in-person hybrid for the upcoming committee year.)

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Must have a current CAE

  1. CAE Item Writing Committee members cannot be directly involved in any preparation or presentation of instructional materials or programs designed to prepare persons to complete the CAE certification process during service on the committee and for at least two (2) years after serving on the committee.
  2. Current CAE Item Writing Committee members agree to not serve on the ASAE Board or ASAE educational committees.


10 – 15 years

Volunteers Needed:

3 (3 open slots)

Experience Required:

10+ Years Industry Experience


Jamar Wright, CAE