ASAE Research Foundation- Societal Impact Research Advisory Group

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Signup Deadline: 01-10-2021
Starts: 02-01-2021
Ends: 01-31-2022
Location: Online Opportunity


Background and Description:

As part of ASAE’s commemoration of its 100th anniversary, and to position the association community for its next 100 years of leadership, the ASAE Research Foundation appointed a volunteer advisory group to guide and oversee the Centennial Research Initiative. This multi-phased initiative, aligned with the pillars of the Power of A, encompassed a first of its kind research endeavor to define the impact of associations on society --- considering past, present, and future perspectives. The initiative relied upon qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate how the influence and actions of associations make our society smarter, safer, and stronger, particularly from the lens of workforce, education, economy, member engagement, and change management. The research findings are presented in a Compendium that summarizes 1) survey data from internal and external audiences providing insights about association contributions, and 2) case studies of extraordinary associations leading the way and demonstrating societal impact every day. It is an excellent tool for communicating the superb contributions of associations, for educating association professionals on how research can guide effective and transformational decision making, for highlighting the contributions and relevance of associations to non-association audiences (e.g., academicians, legislators, corporate executives).

At the conclusion of data collection, analysis, and reporting, several recommendations for future considerations based on the outputs of this body of work were generated by research collaborators (Westat and McKinley Advisors), volunteers, and staff, including dissemination and engagement strategies, and further research efforts. The goal at this juncture is to develop a long-range plan for furthering the Foundation’s efforts to examine and highlight the impact of associations on society.

To read more about the Centennial Research Initiative, Impact Every Day research study, please visit:

Advisory Group Charge:

The Societal Impact Research Advisory Group will provide broad direction and guidance for the development and implementation of research initiatives focused on furthering the understanding of associations’ impact and relevance to society. The group will work with staff to define and prioritize data collection efforts, dissemination strategies, and engagement opportunities.

Advisory Group Immediate Tasks:

  1. Review the final report of the Centennial Research Initiative Advisory group, the Compendium, and recommendations for future considerations.
  2. Create an Implementation Plan for review and adoption by ASAE Research Foundation Board.
  3. Via subcommittees or working groups, work with staff and other volunteers to execute Advisory Group recommendations.
  4. Generate innovative ideas and suggestions for continued work towards underlying research objective – promote associations’ societal impact.

Advisory Group Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in meetings and conference calls, virtual or in-person, as scheduled.
  2. Respond promptly to scheduling or content review requests.
  3. Identify potential partnership opportunities to broaden the impact and outreach of the research.
  4. Serve on at least one working group.
  5. Serve as a communicator to share the work with the ASAE community and external stakeholders.

Meetings Commitment:

The Societal Impact Research Advisory Group will launch its group work with an Orientation & Kick-Off Meeting on Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 from 11:00am to 1:00pm ET, this is a required meeting. Due to current health and safety guidelines all in-person ASAE volunteer group meetings are being held virtually, until further notice. Conference calls with the full advisory group will be held on a quarterly basis, or as needed. However, there may be monthly/bi-monthly conference calls scheduled by small working groups.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Interest in and ability to fulfill the responsibilities outlined above.
  2. Knowledge of association management, and the practical application of evidence and data.
  3. Some experience in educational program design for follow up programs/ tool creation.


Consultants - Education/Professional Development
ES - Professional Development Section
Professional Development, Credentialing, and Knowledge Management
Professional Development, Credentialing, and Knowledge Management

Volunteers Needed:

12 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Myisha Headen