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2023-2024 Young Professionals Advisory Committee (YPAC)

Signup Deadline: 05-01-2023
Starts: 07-01-2023
Ends: 08-31-2024
Location: Online Opportunity


The Young Professionals Advisory Committee (YPAC) guides and recommends activities for ASAE’s young association professionals that build community and learning opportunities that are relevant to young associations professionals today. It helps create a foundation for ASAE’s young professionals by working together with ASAE volunteer leaders and staff.

Eligibility Requirements:
Must meet ASAE’s YP age requirement – 35 and under with a current ASAE membership.

Meeting Requirements:

  • Virtual Orientation Meeting - July 14, 2023 (mandatory): This meeting will be used to close out 2022-2023 term and orientation for 2023-2024 term. 
  • Kick-off Meeting - August 5, 2023 in Atlanta, GA: This meeting will be used to discuss goals for the new year. 
  • Monthly virtual meetings.

Selection Process:

YPAC is looking for six (6) new members for the 2023-2024 term which means not all applicants will be accepted for this committee. The selection committee is comprised of the incoming volunteer chair, the incoming volunteer vice chair, the outgoing volunteer chair, and the ASAE executive staff liaison. The ASAE staff liaison plays a supporting role in this process. Nominees receive final approval by the ASAE Board chair elect. 

Applications- Applicants should clearly define, in their application, how they can best serve on this group as outlined in the above description.

Additional Information:

  • New volunteers are required to attend the volunteer group’s orientation in order to serve.
  • Council members (or their organizations) pay their own travel expenses to attend meetings. 

Diversity of Voice- With support of ASAE staff, the selection committee utilizes the ASAE Board Diversity Policy and Volunteer Model to ensure the group is comprised of a variety of voices from the membership.  To support this effort, all ASAE members can log into their main ASAE account and update their information in their ASAE Profile to ensure it is complete and up to date.


• New volunteers are required to attend the volunteer group’s kickoff meeting in order to serve.
• ASAE does not reimburse Committee, or Council members for travel.
• Members can only serve 1 (one) volunteer group (advisory council or committee) at a time.

In principle and in practice, ASAE values and seeks diversity and inclusive practices within the association management industry.


Volunteers Needed:

6 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience




Shaniece Brown