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A forum to create a space and recognition for disabled association professionals, accessibility allies, and our vendor partners in our ASAE community.
Join us to learn more, engage in disability rights support, intersectionality, and how disability inclusion touches all domains of the CAE.
No need to disclose or be a person with a disability to participate.
Our ability to present this community of association professionals and our partners also elevates our visibility as part of the larger association community.

How to Determine If a Company Knows About Digital Accessibility 

Feb 22, 2024 03:47 PM

After trying to steer ASAE away from featuring a person in a paid webinar that knew little to nothing about digital accessibility in 2021 Robb Lee said to me, "we can't all be accessibility experts." And I asked him what he needed to know to vet digital accessibility presenters or vendors. He said a list of questions to know if they really know their stuff even if we don't know it ourselves.

And so, one of my most popular digital accessibility presentations ever was created.

I created a slide deck for him, for anyone, to be able to ask questions of vendors/consultants that market they are disability inclusion experts in the digital accessibility space.

My colleague Meryl Evans (no relation, just another DHH curly haired woman) hosted this as a presentation for Equal Entry.

Meryl calls out some of the most egregious pieces of mis/dis-information this presenter gave during the webinar. This content has since been pulled from the library after disabled folks were absolutely horrified at what was being "taught" in a paid webinar.

The blog post has bookmarks on the left that allow you to skip to some questions to consider when considering digital accessibility consultants and/or vendors. 

The video of the presentation is embedded for additional education/learning - it was part of a registered session. But I'm happy to share the slides here if you'd like too!


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