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A forum to create a space and recognition for disabled association professionals, accessibility allies, and our vendor partners in our ASAE community.
Join us to learn more, engage in disability rights support, intersectionality, and how disability inclusion touches all domains of the CAE.
No need to disclose or be a person with a disability to participate.
Our ability to present this community of association professionals and our partners also elevates our visibility as part of the larger association community.

Accessible Social: A free resource for creating accessible and inclusive social media content 

Feb 14, 2024 03:59 PM

Accessible Social is a free resource and education hub that shares best practices for creating accessible and inclusive social media content.

The site was created by social media strategist Alexa Heinrich to fill a noticeable gap in the marketing and advertising industry. The goal of Accessible Social is to centralize information, resources, and best practices for creating social media content that is accessible to people living with disabilities. It is a living website that will keep growing and evolving as technology and social media continue to do the same. Hopefully, anyone who visits the site will feel empowered and prepared to create inclusive digital content that everyone can access and enjoy.

And yes, Accessible Social's mascot is a camel in honor of #camelCase. Their name is Carl after Carl Linnaeus, the zoologist who gave dromedary camels their binomial name. They also answer to Carla.

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