Technology Section Council Roundtable: How to go around IT for your Business Needs

When:  Jun 24, 2019 from 15:00 to 16:30 (CT)
ASAE Technology Professionals Council Face-to-Face Roundtable: How to go around IT for your Business Needs: Do’s, Can’s and Should You’s?
Shadow IT, Business IT, Distributed IT…that’s what technology professionals call it when business folks go out, specify, evaluate and purchase a technology solution without them. Sometimes it’s an absolute need based on timing, resources or a new partnership. Sometimes it’s because the business folks don’t want to be burdened by the questions, and rigor of an IT project. But how can you do it in a way that builds common ground, mitigates risk, and set the endeavor up for success?
In this Roundtable, we’ll put on the table the very good reasons that a business unit might choose to not involve IT peers in a decision like this. We’ll then discuss with business and technology leaders what you should look out for, what you will then be accountable and responsible for, and at the end of the day, why you might consider NOT doing the “end-run" around your IT team.
Join the ASAE Technology Professionals Council and your peers from the Chicagoland area for a face-to-face roundtable discussion. Moderated by Gayathri Kher, President of FusionSpan and ASAE Technology Council Chair, and Marc Bernstein, Director of Information Technology, American Society of Anesthesiologists and ASAE Technology Council Member.

Happy Hour Mixer: 5:00 PM - Punch Bowl Social, 1100 American Lane Schaumburg, Illinois
      Join your peers across the street from ASA for a beverage and continue the conversation, network a bit, or just enjoy the afternoon.


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