Personalized one-to-one networking for conference pros

When:  Nov 12, 2021 from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM (ET)

When was the last time you got to meet someone new and great in your field -- and have a fresh, insightful conversation? What if you could meet someone awesome in the hallway at a conference -- without having to actually go to the conference?

We're kicking off a fun quasi event where we do a round of curated introductions among conference professionals.

What do you have to do?
Just opt-in this week before Friday at 5:00pm. It takes less than 3 minutes.

Then what?
Next week, we’ll match you with another great professional in our sphere. We’ll connect you on relevant criteria like your industry, location, and the specific topics you want to discuss. You and your custom match will be connected via mutual emails; then you set up a time to talk for about 20 minutes.

So do I show up somewhere?
Nope. This is the power of virtual networking! Just sign up and we'll match you. It's very much a virtual event. The day and time listed here is the deadline to sign-up.

Much like what we love about conferences, the value here is giving you a chance to meet awesome new peers and gain helpful insights and connections.
And we're also trying to demonstrate a new outreach technique that you can use with your own membership and events.

Who's this for?
This round of personalized networking is geared for conference professionals. You should know something about conferences and care about some aspect of conferences. You can be a conference director, executive director, etc. or a vendor. If we get too many vendors we'll right-size the proportion in the matching pool; this is about meeting peers and colleagues, not a sales call.

Titles of actual participants for this round include the following:

Education Programs Manager • Board Chair • CTO • Director, Membership Development • Project Manager • Founder • Programs and Communications Coordinator • President • Founder • Program Manager • Customer Experience Manager • Director, Community Development • Executive Director • Principal • CEO • President • Director, Educational Programs


Online Instructions:
Login: Use this form to sign up. You'll then be matched and find a time to talk with your match. The display time is only for the deadline to be included, not an event itself.
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All Collaborate Events are member-led events.  
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Lee Gimpel
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