Empowering Learners with Microlearning

When:  Apr 11, 2019 from 01:00 PM to 01:20 PM (ET)

Empowering Learners with Microlearning

Various techniques and formats of microlearning and expected outcomes

Presenter:  Christine Considine, Director, Educational Development, The France Foundation 

This event is part of a 3 part webinar series entitled Small but Mighty: Empowering Learners with Microlearning created and hosted by the members of the Healthcare Community Committee. 

Webinar Series Description:

With attention spans shrinking, work environments changing, use of mobile technology expanding, and technological advances requiring professionals to keep up, microlearning or education delivered in digestible, small bursts, are a perfect solution for many associations. Microlearning is often thought of as using polls, quizzes, and gaming.  But traditional education formats can be implemented with microlearning along with new formats.  In this webinar series, learn how your organization can successfully offer micro-learning sessions while ensuring that accreditation, peer-to-peer engagement, and knowledge retention goals are met. Participants will be able to determine if microlearning is right for their organization and ideas for its implementation.   

Webinar Series Titles, Descriptions, and Registration or Recording Links:

Webinar 1- Engage Association Professionals with Microlearning- 3/28/19- Access the Recording Here

Webinar 2- A Case Study in Microlearning- 4/4/2019- RSVP for This Program Now!

Webinar 3- Empowering Learners with Microlearning- 4/11/2019

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