• 1.  The SSO Wall of Shame

    Posted Aug 10, 2022 10:33 AM
    I recently came upon a LinkedIn Association post that highlighted how many vendors do not offer a Single Sign On option unless you purchase an enterprise level number of licenses that far exceed the typical Association/Non-profit customer.  

    The SSO Wall of Shame | A list of vendors that treat single sign-on as a luxury feature, not a core security requirement.

    That being said, I can list a few off the top of my head that do offer SSO with 365/Azure for my admin needs with no extra expense:

    • Poly
    • KnowBe4
    • ServiceDesk by ManageEngine (the whole package is free!)
    If you throw Two-Factor in front of your 365 Tenant, and you use SSO against 365, you expand the umbrella of Two-Factor across many systems.  The creator of this list is right to highlight how counter productive it is to not include SSO at the most basic level.  On security breaches and password maintenance alone, there would be a huge cost-savings in reduced-time-spent in these areas, not to mention an increase in basic security.

    Many MSPs are now including KnowBe4 in their basic offerings - to increase security and reduce incidents.  It's in their interest to do so, even with the added expense of offering this benefit.  I wish these vendors could see that logic as well with SSO.

    So - what do we do?

    Adam Kuhn
    Director, IT
    Organization Membership