Best Email Spam Filtering Product

  • 1.  Best Email Spam Filtering Product

    Posted Feb 15, 2024 08:30 AM

    OK tech community, here's a tough question (I think).

    There are SO many email spam filter products out there, it would take many weeks of time to go through demos with all of them and even then may be very difficult to discern fact from hype.  Yet, as we all know, with phishing being the number one vector to compromise, the effectiveness of your spam filter may very well be the single most important security apparatus that you can deploy.  I've looked, but it doesn't appear Gartner has does an analysis that I can find. 

    I'm working with a NP that is considering going out to market to choose a new one (they're current one doesn't appear to be very good.  Appriver).  So my question to you is have you recently done a market review?  What was the key selection criteria that made you choose what you did?  Is your experience really different from one to another?  Are there any really KEY functions/features that you think are KILLER?

    I appreciate your input.  This might just be the next topic in the 501CISO CyberSense meeting series by the way, so look for that invite info coming to this community soon.


    Brian Scott
    President / CTO / CISO
    ClearTone Consulting LLC
    Frederick MD
    Annual Meeting 2024