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Thanks for joining the discussion in Collaborate! We strive to promote healthy dialogue and an environment where you can receive feedback from your peers. Please remember this platform is best utilized as non-promotional which includes refraining from... read more


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  • Leslie White

    RE:Balancing Cost and Risk in Insurance

    Posted in: Executive Management...

    Andy, The Nonprofit Risk Management Center has several articles about insurance that address exposures and costs. Here's a link to that resource -http://www.nonprofitrisk.org/library/articles/articles.shtml#insurance. Your management team...

  • Michael Wyland

    RE:Board Reimbursement

    Posted in: Executive Management...

    Deanna: My periodic experience as both a board member and as an association ED: 1) board member expense reimbursements assume the basic financial health of the organization. 2) providing expense reimbursements allow all potential board...

  • Eugene Guilford

    RE:Balancing Cost and Risk in Insurance

    Posted in: Executive Management...

    Hi Andy, Actually what I found is exactly the opposite. Not enough associations find a really talented, involved and informed insurance expert who can properly evaluate the risks posed by the work an association does and then from that price an appropriately...

  • Andy McMillan

    Balancing Cost and Risk in Insurance

    Posted in: Executive Management...

    We have been approached by our insurance agent with a proposal for broader insurance coverage that will increase our cost by a very substantial amount. All of the risks they outlined are within the realm of possibility but some seem pretty unlikely....

  • David Patt

    RE:No acronyms

    Posted in: Executive Management...

    It may be OK to use acronyms within your industry (but not always). But when using those letters here, it's not possible to know for whom you work or in what industry or profession you toil. When I was CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of CARA (Chicago...




  1. FBO Virtual Huddle on Business Intelligence Strategy

    May 6
    United States
  2. MASAE Mid-Year Meeting

    Jun 11, 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM (ET)
    Philadelphia, PA, United States


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    Joan Eisenstodt

    Eisenstodt Associates LLC
    Washington, DC

    352 Points

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    Charles Deale

    National Press Photographers Association Inc
    Durham, NC

    264 Points

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    Adrienne Bryant

    Association of Florida Colleges
    Tallahassee, FL

    179 Points

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    Eric Misic

    Bear Analytics
    Arlington, VA

    166 Points

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    Susan Avery

    International Association of Plastics Distribution
    Overland Park, KS

    152 Points

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    Michael LoBue

    LoBue & Majdalany Management Group
    San Francisco, CA

    144 Points

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    Kevin Whorton

    Whorton Marketing & Research
    Roseburg, OR

    139 Points