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2019-2020 Healthcare Community Committee Volunteers

Signup Deadline: 05-06-2019
Starts: 08-10-2019
Ends: 08-01-2020
Location: Kick-off Meeting ASAE Annual Meeting, Columbus, OH volunteer opportunity location


The Healthcare Community Committee is charged to assist ASAE in advising and support the creation of services for Healthcare Association Professionals.

Meeting Requirements
This group requires two face to face meetings each year

  1. Kick-off Meeting- Saturday, August 10, 2018, 9:00 am-12:00 pm ET in conjunction with ASAE Annual Meeting in Columbus Ohio. This meeting is mandatory for new volunteers.  
  2. The second meeting is held Winter 2020 at ASAE Headquarters in Washington, DC
  3. Conference calls are scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday every other month starting in October 2019.

*Projects for the 2019-2020 year:

  • Development of quality and timely programming ideas for ASAE conferences.
  • Building a resource base of knowledge and tools for healthcare association professionals including articles, book clubs, and member-led webinars.
  • Identifying trends and possible disruptors healthcare associations will face in the near future.

Topics for the term:

The 2019-2020 Healthcare Community Committee (HCC) is continuing its exploration of the following ASAE Foresightworks Drivers of Change: Summaries and Forcasts and how they interact with healthcare associations. These drivers were selected by the 2017-2018 Committee and agreed to continue by the 2018-2019 committee:


Cyber Security

Declining Trust

Descriptions of the above drivers can be found here.

The Committee may also choose one more Driver and applicants should be aware of the list of Drivers and be willing to explore how they affect healthcare associations.  Drivers of Change: Summaries and Forecasts are free to download for all ASAE Members and the purchase of other Foresight works materials are not required to be a member of HCC.

*Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants should have demonstrated experience and knowledge around issues surrounding the work of association management professionals in the healthcare field.

  *When filling out the application, applicants are encouraged to speak directly to how they meet the eligibility requirements and how they can contribute to the 2019-2020 projects of the group


  • New volunteers are required to attend the volunteer group’s kickoff meeting in order to serve. There is no virtual option for this meeting.
  • Council members (or their organizations) pay their own travel expenses to attend meetings.   ASAE does not reimburse Board, Committee, or Council members for travel.
  • Members can only serve 1 (one) volunteer group (council or committee) at a time.

In principle and in practice, ASAE values and seeks diversity and inclusive practices within the association management industry.

ASAE promotes involvement, innovation, and expanded access to leadership opportunities that maximize engagement across identity groups and professional levels. Identity groups include and are not limited to age, appearance, disability, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, nationality, professional level, race, religion, and sexual orientation.


Volunteers Needed:

4 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Megan Kuhman, CAE