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2019-2020 National Capital Area Advisory Council

Signup Deadline: 07-17-2019
Starts: 09-01-2019
Ends: 08-31-2020
Location: ASAE Headquarters- 1575 I Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 volunteer opportunity location


ASAE’s National Capital Area Advisory Council (NCAC)* undertakes strategic discussions to provide guidance and advice to ASAE staff on items relevant to the national capital region. As such, the Council will undertake several guided strategic conversations and review ASAE offerings to associations in the national capital region. The Council will not actively implement programs, products, and services in the national capital region, however, when such support is needed, the Council may provide advice to ASAE to define, recruit, and recognize other volunteers to fill such roles.

*NCAC members must be based in the DC Metro area

Current Identified FY20 Strategic Discussions-
In conjunction with ASAE staff presented discussion items, NCAC will be discussing and providing intelligence to ASAE around the following council selected Drivers of Change (short summary provided):

1. How are Associations Using Foresight Works?  
NCAC will host conversations online, in-person, and in Collaborate discussing different ways associations are utilizing ASAE Foundation's Foresightworks.  These discussions will be influenced by the needs of the ASAE Research team.  This group will test ideas out which will inform the ongoing work of the ASAE Research Team.  Members should expect this to be quite open-ended and advisory in nature but willing to support the opportunities that arise from these pilot opportunities.  

2. Diversity and Inclusion 
American society and workplaces will continue to
grow more diverse and inclusive as values evolve
and younger generations increase their share in
the demographic mix. This will occur against a
backdrop of social, political, and racial
polarization—and the workplace will be a
primary arena in which contending views collide
and issues are worked out. To meet these
challenges, inclusion efforts will be supported by
a new generation of tools and processes.

2. New Forms of Work
Freelance, gig, contract, and temporary work and
the infrastructure to support them (e.g., online
platforms and reputation systems) are growing.
The number of independent professionals is
expanding, and networked organizations rely on
them. Associations will have new opportunities to
serve these workers and advocate for their
When submitting your application, please address the following in the box provided:

  • Describe one way you have seen Foresight Works being used or ideas for how we can explore these topics with our members.  NCAC members are not required to be experienced in the use of ForesightWorks but should have an interest in how they are and can be used.
  • Describe how your perspective and experience will help us achieve our council charge.

Meeting Requirements:
The National Capital Area Advisory Council Kick-Off meeting will be held in the afternoon in September 2019 at ASAE Offices in Washington, DC.  

This group will have 2-3 half day in-person meetings throughout the term at ASAE Headquarters. All volunteers will be expected to review documents and agendas prior to all meetings in preparation for discussion.  

New Member Requirements:
1. New members are required to attend, or review the recording of, an orientation conference call prior to our initial meeting in September.  The date for the orientation will be set for August 2019.

2. All NCAC members must utilize and have a basic knowledge of Collaborate.  All meeting preparation documents, agendas, minutes, and important communications will be posted there.  

3. A willingness to provide advice, and feedback without an expectation that this Council will be the ones executing the work. This group is mainly advisory and their work is directed by staff.  

4. A willingness to work in a bit of ambiguity.  NCAC historically has tested, tried, and examined topics that ASAE is also just beginning to explore.  This means volunteers may not see action on advice in their tenure on the council but ASAE will update the group regularly on progress.

Volunteers Needed:

4 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Megan Kuhman, CAE