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2019-2020 Professional Development Council

Signup Deadline: 01-06-2019
Starts: 03-16-2019
Ends: 02-28-2020
Location: Kick-Off Meeting- 2019 ASAE Great Ideas Conference, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 volunteer opportunity location


The ASAE Professional Development (PD) Section Council exists to help ASAE best serve members of the PD Professional Interest Section.  We seek to provide resources that advance member knowledge, competency and professionalism through samples/models, learning/editorial content, networking and community engagement. We serve in an advisory capacity to ASAE on programs for learning professionals and regarding needs, issues and trends in education and credentialing.

 The Professional Development Section Council is divided into subcommittees that complete work on behalf of the group. These groups are subject to change yearly based on the need from ASAE or the focus of the council.

Please describe your experience in professional development in the association management industry:

    • The Professional Development (PD) Section Council will plan, moderate and promote member-to-member discussions and editorial content on topics relevant to PD association professionals.
    • Engage ASAE Professional Development (PD) members through Collaborate and other appropriate avenues.
    • Build a more expansive understanding of key professional development and learning challenges, issues and trends in association management to inform council activities by helping ASAE provide resources for gaps in the field.
    • Support ASAE learning, research, and other initiatives to promote the importance of professional development and career support through ASAE to current/future PD members in an advisory capacity by serving on ad hoc advisory committees, promoting, submitting and reviewing conference proposals and acting as ambassadors for conferences and programs.

2019-2020 Special Projects

The PDSC is currently working on a variety of projects, including:

1. Awareness-building and development of support resources focused on the following 3 Drivers of Change (summaries below from the Drivers of Change: Summaries and Forecasts)

Workers will need to continually learn, but many want small, specific bursts of information tied to immediate job demands, available at a time of their choosing. New media forms will enable modules that are small, timely, and focused. Certification will need to change to allow microlearning modules to be assembled in innovative combinations for new forms of certification.

Higher Education 3.0
Traditional educational models are under tremendous pressure as changes in work, technology, and student expectations demand both new
curricula and new modes of instruction. Higher education is facing new threats of disintermediation by online education and alternative credentialing systems. While the knowledge economy places a premium on analysis and thinking, it is also creating new alternatives to the university that threaten to transform how students receive postsecondary instruction.

Virtualized Meetings
Ubiquitous broadband, the mainstreaming of virtual reality, and robotics are accelerating the capabilities of telepresence technologies. These
technologies could enable the telepresence of both speakers and participants at meetings. Or meetings could take place entirely in a shared digital reality. While these technologies can broaden participation and generate novel experiences, the social and experiential benefits of “real life” may prove challenging to replicate.

2. Authoring articles that may be published within one or more ASAE publications as appropriate.

3. Advising and supporting several different online learning programs that are primarily targeted at PD professionals.

 4. During 2019-2020, the PDSC will also work to identify one or more potential projects that can be addressed through collaboration with one or more ASAE Councils.  Specific project(s) to be further defined and agreed upon.

Eligibility Requirements
Council members are expected to attend all council meetings including a mid-year in person meeting, actively participate in at least one subgroup, provide thoughtful input and deliberations, represent the voice of the professional development association professionals.

  Meeting Requirements:
1. Kick-Off Meeting- March 16, 2019- Colorado Springs, CO
Physical attendance at the kickoff meeting is mandatory for all new members of the PD Section Council

2. Mid-year in-person meeting- TBD

3. Regularly scheduled conference calls


  • New volunteers are required to attend the volunteer group’s kickoff meeting in order to serve. There is no virtual option for this meeting.
  • Council members (or their organizations) pay their own travel expenses to attend meetings. ASAE does not reimburse Board, Committee, or Council members for travel.
  • Members can only serve on 1 (one) volunteer group (council or committee) at a time.


In principle and in practice, ASAE values and seeks diversity and inclusive practices within the association management industry.

ASAE promotes involvement, innovation, and expanded access to leadership opportunities that maximize engagement across identity groups and professional levels. Identity groups include and are not limited to age, appearance, disability, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, nationality, professional level, race, religion, and sexual orientation.


Consultants - Education/Professional Development
ES - Professional Development Section
Professional Development, Credentialing, and Knowledge Management
Professional Development, Credentialing, and Knowledge Management

Volunteers Needed:

12 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Ashley Roberts