On-Going Opportunity- Join the ASAE Faculty Pool

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Starts: 08-23-2021


ASAE is looking for qualified individuals to add to the faculty pool for multiple in-person programs. Qualified individuals must:

Demonstrate knowledge/expertise in the subject matter of desired program
Be knowledgeable of appropriate adult learning practices

If required, must have a CAE.  Persons without CAEs are welcome to still apply but can't join the faculty of learning where it is required. 

What to expect when joining the pool:
1. Fill out the application to let ASAE staff know where you feel you can best support our learning programs.

2. You will receive an email with information on being in the Volunteer Pool.  You will also be put in a private Collaborate group so ASAE staff can reach out to the entire pool directly.

Volunteer Expectations
All applicants will be put in the greater pool of members interested in becoming faculty members of ASAE.  ASAE can not guarantee timelines for when a volunteer will become faculty but we will put you in a community so that ASAE staff can speak directly to the volunteers that have expressed interest in this opportunity.  In advance we thank you for your willingness to volunteer and look forward to using this group as faculty and in the future support of the learning that ASAE is providing it's membership.

Volunteers Needed:

1000 (833 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Stacey Thompson