Does Your Association Business Model Need to be Transformed?

When:  Feb 19, 2019 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (ET)

Is the business model of associations relevant in the face of growing competition? Will a dues-paying membership model go the way of the dinosaur? Do we struggle to get members to pay more for products and programs after they pay a membership fee? Perhaps our future customers are not all members. Maybe there are lessons we can learn (or unlearn) from our gym membership, Costco, or Netflix. And if we’re to upend the way we serve those on the outside, then what needs to happen on the inside? Our values, culture, structure, and the way we operate may need to change.

Join Associations Catalyzing Entrepreneurship (convened by Meena Dayak) for a discussion on how to keep the association business model relevant and competitive with Garth Jordan, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy at the Healthcare Financial Management Association. Garth will tell us how’s he has been preparing HFMA to launch a “one price, all access” Netflix model of membership. Garth is also CEO of RevvCrew, an organization that “helps associations and non-profits unlock their remarkable potential to develop and execute unique strategies through fully-engaged teams.”

Come prepared to share on the following (and let me know if you have more questions for the group)

  • Why does your association offer its current business model? 
  • What is it about your overall model that appeals (or doesn't appeal) to your target audiences? Can it be better?
  • Is your customer experience holistically designed, human-centered, easy to use/access, and does it fulfill needs in an enjoyable manner?
  • Who are your competitors? Where else can members get what they get from you — community, conferences, knowledge, certifications, advocacy…?
  • Are there people outside your membership that could benefit from your services? Why should they come to you?

This conversation is organized by ACE (Associations Catalyzing Entrepreneurship), a cross-functional group of association executives with a passion for thinking entrepreneurially. We come together to flex and strengthen our associations so we can succeed in our mission despite growing competition. We discuss barriers, brainstorm new approaches to association leadership, and solve problems together. We look for innovators and disruptors — from within and outside the association world — who can inspire and channel our entrepreneurial mindset. We connect through in-person and virtual meetings. To get a flavor of previous ACE conversations and takeaways, browse articles on our Association Success page


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