Call for Volunteers Schedule

Call for Volunteers 2017/2018

October 3, 2016 Closes October 31, 2016

ASAE Foundation Development Committee (Meets in DC in January)

Research Committee


November 2 Applicants report to staff

December 1 - 2 Appointment notifications sent


Opens November 7, 2016  Closes December 5, 2016

Professional Development Council (Meets @Great Ideas on March 4)

Diversity and Inclusion Committee (Meets @ASAE in the winter)



December 12 Applicants report to staff

January 9 - 10 Appointment notifications sent


Opens February TBD, 2017 Closes April 14, 2017

ASAE Board and Key Award Nominations

(This is a process conducted by the ASAE Board’s Nominations Committee)


Opens January 20, 2017 Closes February 24, 2017

Government Relations Council (Meets @GR Symposium June in DC)

Communication Council (Meets @MMCC May 1 in DC)

Marketing Council

Membership Council



February 27 Applicants report to staff

March 13 - 14 Appointment notifications sent


Opens April 3, 2017 ­­­­­ Closes May 8, 2017

AMC Council (Meets @Annual Meeting August 12)

ASAE Membership Development Committee

CAE Commission

Component Relations Council

Ethics Committee

Executive Management Council

Healthcare Community Committee

International Council

Meetings & Expo Council

Small Staff Associations Committee

Young Professionals Committee



May 8 Applicants report to staff

June 1 - 2 Appointment notifications sent


June 12, 2017 Closes July 17, 2017

Nations Capitol Advisory Council (Volunteers start Sept 1)

ASAE Political Action Committee (APAC)

CAE Exam Committee

CAE Item Writing Committee

CAE Professional Conduct Committee

Finance and Business Operations Council (Meets @ Finance Conference)

Legal Council (Meets@ Legal Symposium)

Public Policy Committee



July 20 Applicants report to staff

August 3 - 4 Appointment notifications sent


August 25, 2017 Closes September 22, 2017

Technology Council (Meets @Tech Conference in December)


September 25 Applicants report to staff

October 12 -13 Appointment notifications sent

Note: A Call for Volunteers will close at 12:01am on the date is shown in the actual description of the volunteer opportunity. For example if the close date above is May 10, you can apply up to 12:01 a.m. on May 11. Therefore, the description of the Call will list May 11 as the close date.

November 7 - Call for Volunteer group’s terms will begin in March at the Great Ideas Conference.


January 20 - Call for Volunteer groups’ terms will begin in May and their kick off meeting will coincide with the Marketing Membership and Communications Conference (MMCC).

April 3 - Call for Volunteer groups’ terms will begin at their kick off at Annual Meeting.


June 12 - Call for Volunteer groups’ terms will begin September 1, do not meet at Annual Meeting and may be virtual volunteer groups.


August 25 - Call for Volunteers group’s term will begin in December and will kickoff at the Technology Conference.