Listserv Migration FAQ


  1. When are Listservs migrating?
    On Friday, December 9 we will shut down existing Listservs and migrate all active Listservs to Discussion Groups in Collaborate, our private social network. The new Discussion Groups ( formerly Listservs) will be available for all users Monday, December 12. Members will not be able to use the Listservs the weekend of December 9. Do I have to subscribe again? No, if you are already a Listserv member, your subscriptions will be carried over to Discussion Groups in Collaborate.

  2. Will the listserve email change?
    Yes. In the new version you will have to come to the site to post a new message unless you are using the legacy subscription option.

  3. What are the different types of subscriptions available?
    Realtime – Receive emails as soon as new content is posted to the Discussion Group. 
    Daily Digest – Receive an email each day for every Discussion Group you are to which you have subscribed. 
    Legacy - Receive emails in plain text delivered in real time. Choose this option if you prefer replying from your email client, but the format of the email you receive won't be as good as the Realtime HTML or Daily Digest HTML subscriptions. 
    No Email -Access the Discussion Group without receiving email updates. 
    Unsubscribe – Remove yourself from the community. What are the different formats available? HTML – Formatted as rich text for better experience visually. 
    Text only – Formatted as plain text.

  4. How can I access the Listserv without signing in to Collaborate? 
    By choosing the Legacy Subscription option you can still elect to interact with Discussion Groups strictly by text formated emails.
    Note: the Daily Digest or Real-Time emails allow you to choose HTML format, which provides a richer online environment!

  5. How do I change my subscription settings?
    Please go to "My Subscriptions" area under "My Profile" to change your settings.

  6. I used to receive my listserve emails to my alternate address , now I’m receiving emails into my primary email address with ASAE. Why?
    Moving forward ASAE will be sending email only to the primary email address associated with your member profile. If you do not prefer this method, we recommend you choose the “No Email” option under “My Subscriptions," so you can always visit the collaborate site to view all the messages in your community.

  7. What are the advantages of using the existing Collaborate discussion groups or the Listservs? 
      • The new format allows users to upload attachments
      • The email you receive will be in HTML format and will be easier to read.
      • Discussion are also available on the web for easy viewing.
      • Beyond Discussion Groups, Collaborate allows you to connect with other colleagues similar to LinkedIn.
      • The ability to start your own community/discussion forum in the Collaborate. area I have questions regarding the new change.
  8. Who should I contact?
    Please use the contact form to post your question or email