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  • Peter Houstle

    RE: Direct link between satisfaction and profit...

    Posted in: Membership Sectio...

    Great post, as always. Thanks, Kevin, esp for the HBR Service-Profit Chain article. Notably, HBR stated that in the Service-Profit Chain, "Loyalty is a direct result of customer satisfaction" suggesting that "satisfaction", while not a direct...

  • photo not available

    RE: Retirement Plans

    Posted in: Finance & Business...

    Michele, Having audited numerous ERISA plans in a former life (CPA firm), I learned there is no margin for error in the ERISA environment and penalties for missteps are severe. I would lean heavily on my third party administrator (TPA) to assist...

  • photo not available

    RE: Fixed Asset Control Software

    Posted in: Technology Sectio...

    John, We currently don't use a dedicated FA package, but in a former life (CPA firm) we used BNA as previously mentioned with hundreds of clients and it performed marvelously. There can tend to be a steep learning curve.

  • Elissa Myers

    RE: Tracking Gender Diversity on Corp. Boards

    Posted in: Executive Management...

    It would have been a lifetime ago -- maybe 1996 -- but when I still had the privilege of being on the ASAE staff, I saw a study... I think by the national Association of Nonprofit Boards... that showed that even in industries and professions DOMINATED...

  • Rachel Daeger

    Association Now scenarios as study material?

    Posted in: CAE Candidate

    I feel like I've lived with this study guide for the last six months but just now found the list of Association Now scenarios listed as Additional Reading under several domains. The scenarios are confusing to me with comments embedded in the text...

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Director of Operations | NAADAC, the National Association of Addiction Professionals

US - United States, Develop annual business plans identifying key activities, priorities, and timelines. Implement and communicate operational strategies in line with the business plan. Set and manage performance tar

Regional Field Representatives (5) | National Association of Home Builders

US - See Regions listed in description., Skills and Experience Excellent relationship building and customer service skills in order to understand customer needs and develop a partnership of mutual respect and trust by connecting them with

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  1. photo not available
    Joan Eisenstodt

    Eisenstodt Associates LLC
    Washington, DC

    550 Points

  2. photo not available
    Charles Deale

    National Press Photographers Association Inc
    Durham, NC

    280 Points

  3. photo not available
    Addy Kujawa

    American Association of Orthopaedic Executives
    Indianapolis, IN

    275 Points

  4. photo not available
    Donald (Chip) Levy

    The Rochelle Organization, Inc
    Washington, DC

    187 Points

  5. photo not available
    Elizabeth Engel

    Spark Consulting LLC
    Washington, DC

    184 Points

  6. photo not available
    Rhea Steele

    Council of Chief State School Officers
    Washington, DC

    155 Points

  7. photo not available
    David Patt

    Association Executive Management
    Skokie, IL

    128 Points